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Signature Bodywork Coaching Program

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Marie Salton is a Bodywork Coach - she offers hands-on massage & bodywork sessions, coaching sessions, and unique-to-you support in between appointments.

Marie is a teacher at and Director of the Bodywork Therapy program at the Vancouver School of Healing Arts. She has stayed at the forefront of contemporary massage techniques, draws from her varied local and international massage training and offers next-level bodywork.


To invest fully in the postural and lifestyle changes her clients want to make, Marie only offers her Signature Bodywork Coaching program to 4 clients at a time. She’s available for limited single sessions of bodywork and coaching.

Marie has worked with high-profile individuals in film, television, music, professional sports and the corporate world. She is down-to-earth, but always professional. Marie is an instructor of Deep Flow Massage, an alignment-based approach to deep tissue massage developed in Vancouver (and taught in Montreal, France, Mexico and El Salvador). She has taught workshops in Vancouver, the Gulf Islands of BC and La Paz, Mexico. Check the workshop calendar for future Deep Flow courses taught by Marie.

Whether in a classroom, retreat, spa or studio, Marie Salton brings extensive knowledge and skills to her passion. Schedule a Zoom call if you'd like to hear how she can help you.


Restorative Yoga

Each Deep Flow session is divided into three important stages:

  • Analysis: to establish overall needs, goals, and preferences as well as physical condition
  • Bodywork: massage, myo-fascial release, breath work, joint release, restorative postures
  • Educational Discussion: understanding the treatment and how to carry its effects into one’s lifestyle

In order to receive a treatment best suited to your needs, choose from the following options based on their applicability and your desired level of involvement: active or passive receiver.

Active Receiver

A client who:

  • Is looking for short term muscular relief or long term muscular or postural release
  • Wants to be cognizant of the effects the treatment is having in the body
  • Appreciates medium to deeper pressure as well as moments of restoration and integration

Treatment Suggestions

  • Deep Flow Massage
    (alignment-based deep tissue massage)
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Restorative Bodywork

Passive Receiver

A client who:

  • Is looking for a soothing environment and a nurturing massage
  • Wants to zone out perhaps even fall asleep within the session
  • Appreciates a light to medium pressure

Treatment Suggestions

  • Relaxation Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage

Studio Massage - Yaletown Location - For Active Receivers Only

Schedule a Zoom call to learn about Marie's sought after Signature Bodywork Coaching Program if you are ready to make changes to your body, mind & lifestyle that actually stick.

Single Sessions:

  • Bodywork session: 3 hours - $280
  • Coaching session (via Zoom) : 75 min - $90

Onsite Massage - Your hotel room or location - Active or Passive Receivers

  • 90 minutes
  • $225.00
  • Recommended Length
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Private sessions available.

Experience gentle, restorative yoga to transition you from your active day into a relaxed state. Explore how supported postures and slow transitions restore a resilient, regulated, and relaxed nervous system. This session is comfortable for beginner or experienced yogis alike. Marie offers a calm and nurturing energy.

  • 60 minute Private class
  • 1 - 2 people
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Deep Flow Foundation & Restorative Workshops

The Deep Flow programs teach fundamentals of alignment in the context of manual therapy. Through the fusion of bodywork, alignment, and mindfulness students will learn to pinpoint tension and effectively relieve discomforts while developing the ability to create balancing, therapeutic and well-rounded treatments geared to meet clients’ needs on a multi-dimensional level.

Upcoming Workshops

Deep Flow Refreshers

Gather with fellow Deep Flow practitioners for an opportunity to review, refresh and get reinspired.

Open to individuals who’ve completed the Foundation Program, these night seminars take a look at one Deep Flow concept or technique to explore it at length.

Sessions will include a lecture, demo, massage exchange and also focus on biomechanic principles.


Phone: 604.354.2559

Email: mariesalton@gmail.com

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Phone: 604.354.2559

Email: mariesalton@gmail.com